All-New Show for Thursday May 29 at Bowery Bliss

So many interesting things have happened in the porn world over the past few months that I just had to talk about them right away, so I have written and edited a whole new show! Including the sexiest set of video clips I’ve put together in a very long time.

If you have recently attended one of my performances, this is a wonderful opportunity to bring your friends to see that hilarious guy who showed you those unbelievably dirty video clips that you told them all about! Or, if this turns out to be your first time in my audience, you can look forward to learning some things that you will certainly be interested to know, and seeing visual proof of the amazing ways that porn is changing our sexual culture. Plus:

  • See people do things with their bodies that you would not believe if it wasn’t for the porn in front of you!
  • Laugh in wonder and amazement at just how badly professional pornographers can do their jobs and still win industry awards!
  • Learn more about sex from this one evening than from all of your school teachers put together!

The Porno Jim Show starts at 8pm and ends at 9:30pm (doors open at 7pm).

Tickets are $15 online* right here or $20 at the door.

Bowery Bliss
158 Bowery
2nd Floor

Close to the B/D/F/M and J trains.

See you at the show!

Future performances: Thursday June 12 and Thursday June 26. That’s every two weeks!

* If you buy tickets online and for any reason cannot attend the show on that date, you can transfer those tickets to any future Porno Jim Show.


This was a very influential image on me at 16yo. First 45 I ever bought!

This was a very influential image on me at 16yo. First 45 I ever bought!

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A Porno Jim Show Every 2 Weeks!

That’s right, I’m now performing my new show at Bowery Bliss every two weeks! Which means that there is a show on Thursday April 17. The next show is May 1. (My girlfriend gave me a birthday present of tickets to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch on May 15, so there will be no PJS that night). After that, Thursday May 29 and so on!

I really like the new venue! It’s a kind of living room setting that holds about 50 people, half of whom sit on couches and the rest in chairs. Instead of my usual set up of projecting the videos on a screen (or sometimes a sheet), we have a few big screen HDTVs, delivering the porn clips to you clearer and brighter that ever before.

I hope to see you there! Tickets are $15 online, $20 at the door. Buy your tickets here.

Check out this cute and sexy video, one of the amazing orgasm clips that I use to close this show (Callie Calypso comes just after 27:20): Squirt Gun Slut Party

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New Venue for The Porno Jim Show

The Porno Jim Show is back!

This time on the first Thursday of every month in a very special venue:

Bowery Bliss, the leading swingers club in NYC!

This performance will be an intimate living room show for 20-25 couples. My goal, as always, is to show the audience how watching really good porn can increase the intensity of their orgasms, both alone and with a partner. I accomplish this by showing examples of good and bad porn, so they will know what to look for the next time they search the Internet for sexual entertainment.

Tickets are being sold to couples only, so text your most adventurous partner and invite them to see this amazing show for just $20 each ($40 for each couples ticket). If you want to stay for the after party, it’s only an additional $10 per couple (payable at the door). By the way, two men or two women can attend the show as a couple! (The cost of attending the after party for two single men is quite a bit higher than for a M/F couple).

Doors open at 7pm. There will be drinks and soda available (BYOB is okay too!).

I like to meet everyone that I can before the show, to talk about porn and answer any questions people may have. Be sure and get your complimentary PJS sticker from me!

The Porno Jim Show starts at 8pm, ending at about 9pm. The After Party starts upstairs right after the show.

This all-new comedic lecture begins with an exploration of the current trends in American pornography, focused through the lens of the recent 2014 AVN awards. I’ve put together representative clips from many award winning titles, featuring the various Performers of the Year, plus a few scenes that I think will be very influential on the porn videos of tomorrow!

After that, I introduce you to my latest Porntage, a carefully selected montage of porn weirdness. Then we end the show, as always, with a selection of the best (and most educational) porn ever made, by which I mean hot videos of women having incredible orgasms!

Here is the link to buy tickets:

I will email to you the club’s exact address after you purchase the tickets.

Can’t wait to see you at the show! 

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The Porno Jim Show Will Return… Date TBD

Hey Porn Fans!

I’ve been searching for a new home for my show since Bar 82 closed last May, and though I have corresponded with many promising venues, none of them have panned out. Bookers and managers have to consider whether it would be cool with their bosses to rent their place to a porn show. Many don’t feel comfortable endorsing pornography, even a presentation as scholarly as mine!

But I will certainly find something in the next few months, so I’ve started work on the next Porno Jim Show, which is going to be subtitled “The Secret Origin of Porno Jim”.

People often ask me why I chose to start performing as Porno Jim. I say well, I’ve been watching porn since I bought my first VCR in 1981. I got a job at the local Video Shack which gave me free access to basically every classic porn movie as it was being released on VHS. Since then, I’ve seen many thousands of hours of people having sex. And I watched a lot of that porn with the women I was having sex with, and over the years I learned what women (or at least the tiny, not very random subset of awesome women who chose to watch porn with me, not a representative sample by any means) like and dislike about porn. This is the secret knowledge that led me to decide to tell jokes on stage in between showing hardcore porn clips.

It seemed like the best way to share what I had learned.

If you look at my life story in a certain way, becoming Porno Jim was clearly inevitable. The next PJS will hilariously illustrate my pornographic life, with significant clips from my formative years on up to the best porn of the 21st century!

Dates TBD.


IMG_4646 with logo


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The Porno Jim Show Theme for February 9 is: Porno Romance!

Is it possible for pornographic movies to be romantic? Come see the all-new Porno Jim Show on Saturday February 9th, where I’ll try to answer that question – in honor of Valentine’s Day!

Once upon a time it was called Couples Porn and now the marketing people say that women prefer the word Romance, but every few years the adult industry creates a new wave of porn that they hope will be arousing to women. The success of Fifty Shades of Grey has convinced them that now is the time to try again.

I’ll be reviewing all of the important titles, from early classics like The Opening of Misty Beethoven to new contenders like Torn and TransRomantic, as well as the XXX versions of Fifty Shades & The Notebook. Plus this month’s inexplicable Porntage!

With guest performances from:

The Delicious Dangrrr Doll!

And the Awe-Inspiring Zeroboy!

Plus Unstoppable Go-Go from our own Zoe Ziegfeld!

Bar 82

136 2nd Ave. between St. Marks Place and E. 9th Street
(in the back room)
Subway: 6 at Astor Place, N/R at 8th St.

Doors at 8:30pm
Show starts at 9pm

$10 in advance/$15 at the door
(Advance ticket sales close at 7pm on the day of the show.)

January’s show was sold out, so be sure to buy your (discount) tickets in advance!

Upcoming Porno Jim Shows at Bar 82:

Saturday March 9 – Porno Jim’s 11th Anniversary Event

Saturday April 13  – TBA

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Best Porn of 2012 Show Sells Out (the back room of) Bar 82!

Wow, what a great show! Standing room only! My thanks to everyone (almost 60 of you!) who came out to see my Best Porn of 2012 Show at Bar 82.

We had two amazing performances from Apathy Angel! Here is one of them, courtesy of Tremendous Productions:



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Porno Jim’s Best Porn of 2012 Show on Saturday January 12th

Each January the AVN Awards honor the skilled work of hundreds of sexual athletes and other creative people in over a hundred categories of porn achievement. In 2013 these awards take place on January 19, a week after my next show at Bar 82.

I will be writing a brand-new Porno Jim show for you every month in 2013, and I’m starting off by examining the porn year that was and presenting you with clips from the most interesting 2012 nominees, as well as my favorite porn scenes of the year!

Bar 82 Poster Pic

Go-Go dancing for us once again is the fabulous Zoe Ziegfeld!

With outrageous Burlesque from Apathy Angel! Check out ApathyAngelNYC

Bar 82
136 2nd Ave. at St. Marks Place
Trains: Take the 6 to Astor Place or the N/R to 8th St.

Show starts at 9pm
Doors at 8:30pm

$10 in advance/$15 at the door
Buy tickets here: Eventbrite

Upcoming Shows:

Feb. 9 – Porn and Romance (with Zero Boy and Dangrr Doll)

Mar. 9 – Porno Jim’s 11th Anniversary Show!

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Christmas Porntage for 2012

My thanks to everyone who came out to our Winter Holiday show on Saturday! It was a great show. In addition to the regular Porntage I created a special collection of Christmas porn videos for this event that I would like to share with you. Merry Christmas!

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Bar 82 Burlesque Videos

Here are some cool videos of the beautiful and talented Burlesque dancers performing in the November 10th PJS at Bar 82:

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Ula Uberbusen


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Rosabelle Selavy


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Go-Go by Zoe Ziegfeld


And here’s one of me talking to the audience about an important editing choice that I made with one of the more extreme clips in the Porntage I had just shown them (in this case, Eastern European Lesbian Fisting):

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The Porno Jim Show – Now the Second Saturday of Every Month at Bar 82!

My show at Bar 82 on Saturday October 16 was a big success! The burlesque acts were visceral and titillating – I’ve got videos of their performances that I will post for you.

The audience laughed hardest during the kung-fu sex scene, but was most impressed by the skydiving fornicators (who were fired from their jobs at the skydiving school the very next day, sad to say). Nothing in my latest Porntage seemed to faze these brave women and men, so I’ll be adding something edgier to the next one.

Which will be on Saturday December 8 in The Porno Jim Winter Holiday Show! You can now see me and three beautiful dancers at Bar 82 on the second Saturday of every month. This time I’ll be featuring the best Christmas and Chanukah porn I can find, with holiday-themed burlesque from Ula Uberbusen and Stormy Leather, plus sultry Go-Go from Zoe Ziegfeld!

Performing in the back room of Bar 82 is fun! There are some small tables and about 40 chairs, plus a few benches along the walls. The stage is a small rectangle set at a very odd angle, with a projector screen on the wall behind. The dancers said that it took a minute to adjust to, but that it wasn’t a problem. I think the unique setup suits our odd little show perfectly!

Bar 82
136 2nd Ave. between St. Marks Place and E. 9th Street (in the back room)

Doors are at 8:30pm
Show starts at 9:00pm (we finish up about 11)

Tickets are $15 at the door, but only $10 if you buy them in advance here!

You can also RSVP on Facebook here

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